Texcan Delta – Live NHL Draft Pool

For our Delta staff, I’ve been asked to organize an additional live hockey draft. Again, simple rules – $20 entry fee gets you in. Our Nando’s chicken lunch is provided courtesy of Texcan so you can’t lose. Just eat your weight in spicy peri-peri chicken and the only loser will be the person next to your cubicle after lunch.

  • 10 players per team
  • Minimum 2 defensemen per team
  • 1 point per goal or assist
  • Top 3 payout

Draft cheat sheets can be found here: http://www.poolhq.ca/nhl-draft-picksheet/

Draft is on Friday, Oct.14th . We will start at 11:30 am in the large boardroom.  Hopefully, done in around 90 minutes – plan accordingly.



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