Welcome back NFL 2011

Welcome back! After all the strike nonsense, it turns out we have NFL football afterall. What’s a few hundred million dollars between friends anyhow?

The pool has been running since 2004 so hopefully you know the drill. For any newcomers, the rules are simple!

$50 entry fee with all of it going back to the prize pool. Each week you will pick a winner for each of the games on the schedule. All picks will be submitted via the Pool HQ website so it can be done from anywhere – work or home. If you’re quick it can be completed each week in about 2 minutes so no complaints about “not having the time”.

The weekly pick sheet & past week’s results should be available every Tuesday. Picks can be submitted anytime from Tuesday right up to kickoff on Sunday. The picksheet will close electronically at kickoff (~ 1:00 PM EST on Sundays) so don’t be late – no excuses! Picksheets not submitted by cutoff will be given the LOW SCORE of the week.

We are picking vs the Vegas spread – NOT straight up winners/losers.

i.e.       Favorite                                                   Point Spread               Underdog
        GREEN BAY (Home team in CAPS)                   5.5                        Pittsburgh

If you choose the favorite (GREEN BAY), then they must beat the underdog (Pittsburgh) by 6 or more points to be considered the “winner”. If Pittsburgh should either win straight up, or lose by any amount less than 6 points, then Pittsburgh would be considered the “winner”. Got it??

Each week’s winner will score the weekly prize which will be determined by the total number of participants (Last year’s weekly prize was $25). Also, your weekly score will be added to your cumulative 17 week score for the BIG year end prizes. The number of pay outs will be determined by the total number of participants, but it will likely be top 3.

Join in … everyone is welcome. Trash talking your co-workers and winning their money can only add to your enjoyment each Sunday!

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