Monday Morning QB – Week 3

Again, it will all come down to Monday night. Chris W leads the pack with 10 correct and has backed the Packers. Four others sitting with 9 correct but most have also gone with the Packers. Only Arno F has a chance to tie by taking the 3.5 points and the hometown Seahawks.

*Update* Replacement refs and Seahawks steal a win with a last second Hail Mary that is intercepted and stolen for a TD – Seahawks over the Pack 14-12.  Result helps Arno reach into Chris’ pocket and take out $20. Split week between Arno and Chris with 10 correct.

Nothing new to report … we’re still horrible. We have not been able to average above 7 wins in any of the past 3 weeks.  Bye weeks start in Week 4.

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