Monday Morning QB – Week 6

Wow, we have sunk to a new low with an average score of 4.70 headed into tonight’s MNF. At least 1 person managed a good score this week and that was Chris W.  Chris has wrapped up the weekly win with 10 correct so far.  Next closest has 8 correct. This weekly win also will move Chris W. into 1st place overall and he has now netted $60 in winnings and is free-rolling the rest of the season.

*Update* Manning threw three touchdown passes in the second half as the Broncos overcame a 24-0 halftime deficit to shock the San Diego Chargers 35-24 on Monday night. Chris W ends up with 11 correct – that is double this week’s average which was 5.17 correct. Don’t give up … it just shows you can pick up 5 games easily in just 1 week … or lose 5 games.  I guess I’m just an optimist!


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