NFL Final Standings

Well, it’s all over but the crying. Congrats to Kirk and whatever voodoo he is using as he ran away from the field and handily won 1st place.  Congrats to pool rookie, Gary, who put up the most consistent showing from week to week, taking home $100 in weekly winnings along with the 2nd place prize money.  Also, congrats to Ray & Jennifer who both had good Week 17 results and split the 3rd & 4th place money, narrowly edging out Bonnie & Elizabeth. Click here for the final standings and payouts.

I hope you all enjoyed the pool and hope to see everybody back next year.

I’m ending off the season with another musical tribute dedicated to Tim Tebow. You know what that means … you get to be a Friday Jam, and you’re guaranteed to win. Both Tebow and TJ Yates are believers in the Friday Jam mojo


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