NHL Playoffs are here … unless you’re a Leafs fan.

Sorry, folks, I didn’t get around to setting up a box pool draft. We will be having our live draft for the Delta office though. Standard rules apply – 10 rounds, serpentine draft. 1 point per goal or assist. $20 entry fee includes lunch.  Meet in the large boardroom at 12:00 pm noon, on Friday the 13th.  It will be someone’s unlucky day.

Cheat sheets can be found here:  2012 NHL Playoffs Draft

Also, belated congratulations to our regular season hockey pool winners.  Gary made a late season push to the top of the standings to win by 22 points. Irene was consistently atop the leader board but Klebber mananged to pull into a 2nd place tie on the last day of the season.

In the live draft, Nancy convincingly crushed the nearest “competition” by  28 points. Enoch managed to come in 2nd. A good battle between 3 drafters had Troy edging out Doug by 2 points and Ravi by 5 points to win 3rd place.

Box Draft

  • 1st – Gary D $250
  • 2nd/3rd tie – Irene P & Klebber D – $115 each
  • Last – Ryan R – $20

Live Draft

  • 1st – Nancy P – $150
  • 2nd – Enoch S – $90
  • 3rd – Troy D – $40
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