Monday Morning QB – Week 17: Final Standings

Sorry, I’ve kept you in suspense long enough. Turkey and shortbread were higher on my priority list over the holidays but I’ve finally eaten my fill and finished up the final results. Great finish with Arno and Jessica putting up scores of 11 correct to split week 17.

Fantastic finish by Arno in the last 2 weeks to amp up the excitement. Andy and Michael end up splitting 4th place money of $75. Ray was passed in the final 2 weeks by Arno and takes the 3rd place prize of $125.  Arno ends well to finish 2nd and nearly claims a share of 1st place and takes home $200. Chris W ends up hanging on by a single point to claim the Championship this year. Congrats to Chris on his 1st place earnings of $370 and overall winnings during the year of $470. Great job!

Overall the league finished with a 48% success rate versus the Vegas spread. Now you know why Caesars can fill you with endless Alaskan crab legs for $24.95.  Pretty typical results based on previous years – if you can end up somewhere between 52 – 56% versus the spread, chances are good you’ll end with some money in your pocket.

Click here for the final results & prize breakdown – $1450 in total prize money.  See everyone back here next year!  Enjoy the playoffs.

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  1. Chris Wilson says:

    Almost lost it there on last week! Congrats Arno! Hey Comissioner Cash in large bills is good for me haha

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