Inaugural FIFA World Cup Sonepar Pool

Who knew we had soccer … errr, I mean football fans at the office!  With the 2014 World Cup hosted by Brazil starting in just a few days, we are organizing our 1st ever World Cup office pool.

$20 entry fee – everyone is welcome to join.  Easy to do … just fill in the bracket and sit back and enjoy the matches.  In the Group Stage, 8 Groups (A thru H) – rank who you think will finish top 2 in each group and advance to the Knockout Stage. Pick your bracket all the way through to the Finals.  Point totals are assigned for game outcomes throughout the tournament and point breakdowns are shown at the bottom of the bracket.

If still unclear, take a look at the sample bracket shown below.

Notice how there is Group A shown on both sides of the bracket. 2 teams will move on from each Group.  In the sample bracket below, I have Brazil finishing 1st in Group A, hence I have picked Brazil as 1A. I have Mexico finishing 2nd in Group A so they are shown as 2A. Make your picks for all 8 Groups and then move onto the Round of 16 and so on until you have picked your champion!


Good luck everyone!  GOOOOAAAALLLL!!!!  Click on the link to grab the bracket, fill it out in Excel, and send it back to me via e-mail. Games kickoff on June 12th – deadline to submit your bracket is Wednesday, June 11th. 2014-World-Cup-Sonepar-Pool-Bracket

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