NFL 2013-14 Final

40px-NFL_logoCongrats to all those that took home the money! Peron was a frontrunner and led the whole year – didn’t win much weekly money but was amazingly consistent and easily took 1st place by picking at an outstanding 60% success rate. I guess Kirk has passed on his magical spreadsheets to Peron. Some drama in Week 17 as Elizabeth passed Keith for 2nd place, and Jessica stormed past Chris into 4th place.

See the NFL 2013-14 Final Standings

Hope the pool made your NFL watching more enjoyable this year. Enjoy the playoffs! Go Seahawks go!!

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One Response to NFL 2013-14 Final

  1. Kirk says:

    Congratulations Peron !!!

    What can I say. It must be in our genes.

    So everyone will know, I did not pass my magical system to him.
    It was his system entirely, whatever it was.
    I was never ever able to get to the 60% threshold with mine.


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