Bring on the Madness!

Ok, the people have spoken and we’re kicking off our 1st March Madness pool this year! This is your chance to pick college hoops winners and come away victorious following the Final Game, which goes April 4 at NRG Stadium in Houston.

Make your picks for all tournament games starting Thursday, March 17. You accumulate points for each correct prediction so, once your bracket is filled out, step back and watch your picks in action. Keep your fingers crossed for the upsets you’ve picked and hope that you don’t get your bracket busted by others.

We are using a round-based weighted scoring system. Correct picks earn 1 point in Round 1, 2 points in Round 2, etc. … and 10 points in the Championship Round 6. This gives the people that pick the winner of the tournament correctly an advantage, but does not completely eliminate the people that didn’t correctly guess the eventual champion.


$20 per entry – all money goes back into the prize pool.  Prize breakdown to be determined once we have a final entry count. Good luck and enjoy the Madness!

Download a bracket entry form by clicking on the link below, and e-mail your completed bracket back to Enoch. Games start on Thursday, so forms are due back by Wednesday evening.

Let the Madness begin – click here to download the bracket entry form.

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