NFL Point Spread Pool 2022

40px-NFL_logoWelcome back, this is Season 14 for the pool!  Take a needed break each week and enjoy some NFL football for a few hours on Sunday. So many storylines to make this an interesting NFL season – What the heck was Brady doing during preseason, will young QBs Tua, Lance, Mac Jones, Jalen Hurts take the next step, does CMC come back all the way? For any newcomers, the rules are simple!

$50 entry fee with all of it going back to the prize pool – less than $3 for each week of the season. Each week you will pick a winner for each of the games on the schedule. I’m offloading the bulk of the work to an external website so you’ll make your weekly picks at PoolHost. Plus side is no more late pick sheets managed by myself, view your own and others’ picks during Sunday’s games, and some added features like ‘rolling deadline’ which will be explained.

The weekly pick sheet & past week’s results should be available every Tuesday. Picks can be submitted anytime from Tuesday right up to kickoff on Sunday. The picksheet will close electronically at kickoff (1PM EST on Sundays) so don’t be late. With PoolHost managing the pool, we can now have a rolling deadline. This means we will have a custom deadline of Sunday at 1PM EST regardless of there being a game earlier in the week. Sunday at 1PM EST will be the master deadline by which ALL picks must be in. Users must make picks for games that are earlier than the master deadline (i.e weekly Thursday game) but before their scheduled kick-offs. Once a game kicks off, it is locked and can no longer be picked and you will receive a zero for that game.

Picksheets not submitted by Sunday 1PM EST cutoff will be given a ZERO for the week.

We are picking vs the Vegas spread – NOT straight up winners/losers.

Each week’s winner will score the weekly prize which will be determined by the total number of participants. Also, your weekly score will be added to your cumulative 17 week score for the BIG year end prizes. Usually top 3 will cash, but prizes to be determined once number of participants is finalized – check back for updates.

Join in … everyone is welcome. Trash talking your co-workers and winning their money can only add to your enjoyment each Sunday! Games begin on Sept. 8th (Bills  vs. Rams) so let me know soon if you’d like to join in.

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