NFL Survivor Pool 2022

40px-NFL_logoThis is now Season 8 of the Sonepar NFL Survivor pool. Per usual, we’ll be running the pool on PoolHost. Here’s how it works. Last year’s Survivor champ, Michael S, took home a cool $510 for his efforts!

  • $30 entry fee. Maximum of 2 entries per player.
  • Pick 1 team to win each week from the slate of NFL games. If you win, you “survive” and pick next week. If you lose, you’re out. Point spreads are not taken into consideration – just pick a winner!
  • You can only use a team once during the life of the pool (i.e. If you choose the Patriots in Week 1 you cannot use them again for the rest of the season).
  • If the game you picked should end in a tie that counts as a loss and you are out.
  • Your picks must be in by Sunday by 1PM EST. Picks for all players for the week will be displayed on the webpage after the Sunday games start.
  • If there is a Thursday night or Saturday game and you want to use a team playing in that game your pick must be submitted before kick-off otherwise that game will lock out and you will need to pick a team from the remainder of the games that week prior to game start time or the Sunday 1PM EST deadline.
  • If you forget to submit a team or miss the week’s deadline, you’re out.
  • The website is designed to not allow you to pick the same team 2 times over the course of a season. However, it is ultimately your responsibility to track this and if the same team is picked 2 times, it will count as a loss and you’re out.
  • If there is a tie at the end of the season or the last remaining players lose on the same week then the pot will be split between them.

Games begin on Thursday, Sept. 8th (Bills vs. Rams) so let me know soon if you’d like to join in. Enjoy the NFL season, good luck!

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