Stanley Cup Playoffs are here. Get in the pool.

40px-NHL_logoYou know the drill.  $20 gets you in the box draft hockey pool. Games start today but I’ll give you until Thursday at 4:00 pm to get your picks in. Friends, family and even Leafs fans (this year, anyways) are welcome – just send them to and download the pick sheet below.

Download: Texcan.NHL2013.PlayoffDraft

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Super Bowl XLVII Pool

40px-NFL_logoPool rules are easy as pie. Horizonal column represents the 49ers score. Vertical column represents the Ravens score. The final digit of each team’s score corresponds with a square on the sheet. Teams and numbers were randomly generated after all 100 squares were sold, and verified by Tricia Cross. At the end of each quarter, a winner is determined. $5.00 per square x 100 = $500 in the prize pool.  20% for the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd quarters. 40% for the final score. Good luck!

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Texcan Live Draft Results

40px-NHL_logoTexcan Delta had our annual live draft this past Thursday and we had an excellent turnout. 17 people turned out to show off their drafting talents and enjoy some free pizza. Below are the results – good luck, some of you are going to really need it!

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Texcan NHL hockey pool returns!

40px-NHL_logoOk, hockey fans – the NHL is back!  Sorry, Leafs fan, unlike Burke you will have to suffer through another painful Leafs season.  If you’d like to join the Texcan hockey pool, just download the entry form below. $20 entry fee and you only have to wait 48 games until you can spend your winnings!  Everyone, including friends & family, is welcome to join.  Get your form back to me by Friday, January 18th, as the season starts on Saturday.  Good luck!

Click here: Texcan NHL 2012-13 Box Draft Entry Form

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Monday Morning QB – Week 17: Final Standings

Sorry, I’ve kept you in suspense long enough. Turkey and shortbread were higher on my priority list over the holidays but I’ve finally eaten my fill and finished up the final results. Great finish with Arno and Jessica putting up scores of 11 correct to split week 17.

Fantastic finish by Arno in the last 2 weeks to amp up the excitement. Andy and Michael end up splitting 4th place money of $75. Ray was passed in the final 2 weeks by Arno and takes the 3rd place prize of $125.  Arno ends well to finish 2nd and nearly claims a share of 1st place and takes home $200. Chris W ends up hanging on by a single point to claim the Championship this year. Congrats to Chris on his 1st place earnings of $370 and overall winnings during the year of $470. Great job!

Overall the league finished with a 48% success rate versus the Vegas spread. Now you know why Caesars can fill you with endless Alaskan crab legs for $24.95.  Pretty typical results based on previous years – if you can end up somewhere between 52 – 56% versus the spread, chances are good you’ll end with some money in your pocket.

Click here for the final results & prize breakdown – $1450 in total prize money.  See everyone back here next year!  Enjoy the playoffs.

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Monday Morning QB – Week 16

Merry Christmas! Congrats to Arno who put together a big week with 13 correct to win the week.  Looks like we are in for some heartbreak in Week 17 as Ray and Arno are separated by a single point between 2nd and 3rd. Also, a three way tie for 4th place between Sandy, Andy, and Michael.  Chris is comfortably in 1st place but stranger things have happened! Good luck everyone.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Monday Morning QB – Week14

Another 3-way tie ends up with Sandy, Ravi and Jessica splitting the $40 weekly pot.  Sandy inches closer to the money and is now in 6th place.  Not much news to report at the top of the leaderboard but Dave L does add his name into the top 4  where the money is.  3 more weeks … this is when the cream rises to the top – finish strong!  Good luck.

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Monday Morning QB – Week 13

More new shoes for baby!  When Jen decides to win she doesn’t mess around as she crushed the field again – this time with 13 of 15 correct headed into MNF.  Both Steve G and Doug had nice double-digit scores but needless to say, Jennifer can’t be caught. Congrats to Jen on her 2nd weekly win.

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Monday Morning QB – Week 12

No drama this week as KT had the week wrapped up on Sunday with 11 correct. We had 3 others finish with 10 correct. Chris W has stepped out to a big lead but there’s still 5 weeks to go.  Lots of others bunched up for the other 3 money spots. FYI, full disclosure … since I’m actually in the running to win some money this year, I have been submitting my picks on Thursday to Chris W for audit since he has the most to lose right now if I stage a miraculous finish.

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