Monday Morning QB – Week 11

This week’s results will be decided by tonight’s MNF battle of the backups. Both Alex Smith and Jay Cutler are out. Dave L, Ray, & Kirk have 10 correct.  Dave and Ray are giving up the 4.5 points with the 49ers at home vs the visiting Bears. Good luck!

*Update* Colin Kaepernick (who?) was in complete control from the beginning and Aldon Smith posted 5 ½ sacks to key a dominant defensive effort as the San Francisco 49ers blew out the Chicago Bears 32-7 on Monday night. Congrats to Ray and Dave who split the week with 11 correct.

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Monday Morning QB – Week 9

Baby needs new shoes! Jennifer Q crushes the week with 12 of 13 correct so far and will win the weekly prize. Dave L had a very nice week with 11 correct but cannot catch Jen as they both have picked Philly (+3.5) in tonight’s MNF tilt against the Saints.  Lots of nice scores this week – 11 people have managed to pick double-digit wins going into MNF so you needed a big score to win. Congrats Jennifer!

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Monday Morning QB – Week 8

Winners will be decided by tonight’s MNF game.  3 people – Sandy, Alissa, & Enoch – have 9 correct and have picked the Niners.  Kirk also has 9 correct but has backed the Cardinals with +6.5 points.  Either a 3-way split or Kirk gets the solo victory.  Go 49ers!!!

*Update* Alex Smith completed 18 of 19 passes for 232 yards and three touchdowns – two to Michael Crabtree and one to Randy Moss – to help San Francisco flatten the Arizona Cardinals 24-3 on Monday night. Sandy, Alissa, and Enoch split the weekly win with 10 correct, congrats! Alissa’s 2nd weekly win puts her into profit territory and she is now free-rolling the rest of the season.

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Monday Morning QB – Week 7

A real logjam at the top this week with Mark, Brandon, & Dave at the top with 9 correct headed into MNF.  Oddly enough, they have all picked the Lions to cover the 5.5 points over the Bears so there will be at least 3 winners this week.  Muddying up the waters even further, we have Gary & Ravi looking to join the party.  They both have 8 correct and have backed da Bears so we could end up with a 5 way tie.  Good luck.

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Monday Morning QB – Week 6

Wow, we have sunk to a new low with an average score of 4.70 headed into tonight’s MNF. At least 1 person managed a good score this week and that was Chris W.  Chris has wrapped up the weekly win with 10 correct so far.  Next closest has 8 correct. This weekly win also will move Chris W. into 1st place overall and he has now netted $60 in winnings and is free-rolling the rest of the season.

*Update* Manning threw three touchdown passes in the second half as the Broncos overcame a 24-0 halftime deficit to shock the San Diego Chargers 35-24 on Monday night. Chris W ends up with 11 correct – that is double this week’s average which was 5.17 correct. Don’t give up … it just shows you can pick up 5 games easily in just 1 week … or lose 5 games.  I guess I’m just an optimist!


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Monday Morning QB – Week 4

No drama this week as the winner is already decided.  Congrats to Donna who goes into MNF with 10 correct and pockets this week’s $40 prize.  A couple of players with 9 correct but everyone has gone with Cowboys over da Bears.

Good to see we’re finally getting the hang of this in Week 4 as everyone was able to submit their picks on time. Nine people still have not paid yet- season is a quarter of the way through already so get your $50 entry fee in or be publicly shamed.

Also, final payouts have been decided for year-end results. If you’re interested click the link.

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Monday Morning QB – Week 3

Again, it will all come down to Monday night. Chris W leads the pack with 10 correct and has backed the Packers. Four others sitting with 9 correct but most have also gone with the Packers. Only Arno F has a chance to tie by taking the 3.5 points and the hometown Seahawks.

*Update* Replacement refs and Seahawks steal a win with a last second Hail Mary that is intercepted and stolen for a TD – Seahawks over the Pack 14-12.  Result helps Arno reach into Chris’ pocket and take out $20. Split week between Arno and Chris with 10 correct.

Nothing new to report … we’re still horrible. We have not been able to average above 7 wins in any of the past 3 weeks.  Bye weeks start in Week 4.

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Monday Morning QB – Week 2

Broncos vs Falcons. Alissa vs Jayson. It all came down to Monday night as both were headed into the game tied with 10 correct.  Unfortuntely for Jayson, Peyton decided to throw three 1st quarter picks and the Falcons rushed out to a 20-0 lead.  Falcons managed to hang on to win 27-21 and cover the 2.5 and Alissa pockets the $40 weekly winnings, congrats!

It’s early but we collectively suck picking vs Vegas at a dismal 42%.  Keep your day jobs.

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Back to Football. Game on. Tonight.

Tonight! Giants. Cowboys. Get your picks in.

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Welcome back NFL 2012

Welcome back! With a possible NHL lockout looming it’s good to know we’ll have football to keep us warm this winter. So many storylines to make this an interesting NFL season – Peyton to the Broncos, Tebow to the Jets, and rookie QBs set to take centre stage in Andrew Luck & RG3!

The pool has been running since 2004 so hopefully you know the drill by now. For any newcomers, the rules are simple!

$50 entry fee with all of it going back to the prize pool – less than $3 for each week of the season. Each week you will pick a winner for each of the games on the schedule. All picks will be submitted via the Pool HQ website so it can be done from anywhere – work or home. If you’re quick it can be completed each week in about 2 minutes so no excuses about “not having the time”.

The weekly pick sheet & past week’s results should be available every Tuesday. Picks can be submitted anytime from Tuesday right up to kickoff on Sunday. The picksheet will close electronically at kickoff (~ 1:00 PM EST on Sundays) so don’t be late – no excuses! Picksheets not submitted by cutoff will be given the LOW SCORE of the week.

We are picking vs the Vegas spread – NOT straight up winners/losers.

i.e.       Favorite                                               Point Spread               Underdog
GREEN BAY (Home team in CAPS)                   5.5                        Pittsburgh

If you choose the favorite (GREEN BAY), then they must beat the underdog (Pittsburgh) by 6 or more points to be considered the “winner”. If Pittsburgh should either win straight up, or lose by any amount less than 6 points, then Pittsburgh would be considered the “winner”. Got it??

Each week’s winner will score the weekly prize which will be determined by the total number of participants (Last year’s weekly prize was $30). Also, your weekly score will be added to your cumulative 17 week score for the BIG year end prizes. Top 4 finishers will split the cash. This year we have 30 players totalling $1500 in available cash to win!

Join in … everyone is welcome. Trash talking your co-workers and winning their money can only add to your enjoyment each Sunday!

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