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2014-15 Prize Pool Breakdown

Point Spread                                             Survivor

  1. $318                                       1. Winner(s) take all
  2. $175
  3. $95
  4. $50

Top 4 finishes in Point Spread pool pay out. Weekly prize will be $36 which will be paid out at season’s end.

Slight dropoff from 29 last year to 25 players this year for a total prize pool of $1250.  $638 in season end prize money and $612 (17 x $36) in weekly prize money up for grabs.  There’s money to be won each week so always submit your picks!

Draft Entry Fees

$50 to enter the Point Spread pool, $25 to enter Survivor pool. Please submit by cheque via the intercompany mailbag sent “Attn: Enoch” or Interac e-Transfer (bank may charge you $1.50 for this option). Entire amount goes back into the prize pool towards the weekly & year-end prizes.

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